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Jade indica Enchantress Sahrye Anal Sissy Training Bedroom Porn Instruction Brunette Video Tube Lingerie POV

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These two women want to turn their little party with you into an all-female ordeal. That doesn't mean you have to leave, though.
Well hey there little buddy! Did you miss us? We sure hope so, because we've got an extra special surprise for you today. See, we know that deep down inside, you're not much of a man at all. There's nothing wrong with that, but you should really come out as the sissy that you are. We won't judge you for it! After all, we want to help you get to know your feminine side.
We've gone out and got you a bunch of stuff to try on. Do you think you could be a good girl for us and try it all on? Let's start with the panties and move on from there. If we're convinced that you can pull off the sissy look without it being obvious, we might hit the town with you tonight and find a nice big cock to fuck your female ass. Sound good?
- Jade Indica & Enchantress Sahrye

We can find a nice big cock for your ass

Sissy instruction Tranny Bedroom Anal Porn Tube Video Blonde Sissy training

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What would you give to be a cute fem sissy tranny in a sex scene with a dude that has a big dick that can fuck the living daylights out of you?
My asshole feels so amazing when a guy like this takes control and fucks me in it. The feeling of that hot piece of meat piercing deep into my asshole is nothing like I've ever felt before. Being a woman means that i can take as much dick as I want and it doesn't even matter. Don't you wish you could be a hot tgirl like me and take the biggest dicks around deep in your asshole?
Tell me: what would you do to be given the chance to have your rear entrance violated like mine is? Perhaps we could dress you up like me, pretend that you're a tranny sissy bitch and find a guy that's willing to fuck you until he nuts deep into that asshole of yours. I can see from the smile on your face that this is something you really want to try - so let's do it!

You’ve been hiding your sissy desires for too long boy

Penny Barber Bedroom Sissy Instruction Brunette Porn Video POV Tube Sissy Training

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Penny Barber is a little concerned that you might be a sissy slut. In order to find out for sure, she's got a special treat that will put a smile on your face.
So what we're going to do today is a little bit of roleplay. For some crazy reason, I think you might be a sissy that secretly hides their desires. I got you this pair of panties because I think it's likely to let me know. So, do me a favor and get naked - I want you to try these on and to turn around. I wonder if your sissy ass will look as good as I think it will.
Oh yes, those panties really do suit you! Now we're going to apply a little makeup. I think you would look fantastic with this shade of lipstick. Come over here, girlfriend. We're going to doll you up nice and proper. The whole world will look at you in a few minutes and truly believe you're the sissy girl you've always dreamed of being!
- Penny Barber

We are going to make you my anal slut

Jolene sissy Instruction bedroom Lingerie Redhead Sissy training Porn Tube Video

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You love your Mistress Jolene a lot, but she can get you to do some pretty fucked up things. For instance, today she's going to turn you into a little sissy.
You know how I always moan and groan about how great it is to get fucked by you? Well, if I'm honest, it isn't just your dick that does it - it's pretty much every dick. The feeling of having a piece of meat inside you just goes above and beyond everything that most men can imagine. Today, that's going to change. You're in for some sissification.
Show me that bikini this very second - I can't believe that you actually put it on! Boy, you're in some deep trouble now that I know how into the idea of being feminized you are. That ass is my personal property and there's nothing you can do to stop the rampage of dick I'm going to set it up for. When I'm done, your little bitch boy ass is going to be ready for some hardcore anal fucking.
- Jolene & Lance Hart

Alura Jenson has some sissy training for you puny ass

Busty blonde Alura Jenson from Sissyinstructions

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Alura Jenson got a bit upset that her man ruined her dress so she wants to teach him a lesson buy making him into a sissy boy. The blonde has a great outfit for her guy before taking him out on the town.
I saw you wearing my clothes. I don't mind you trying on my outfits but I think you should be honest about it. In fact, I think it's kind of fun. Well, if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right. You know, there is this club downtown in which I have always wanted to go to but I did not think you were into it. The thought of you dressing up and then going out and being my chick kind of turns me on a little bit.
I got you some nice lingerie which I think will fit you perfectly. You are going to wear it underneath my brand new dress. I am also going to slap some makeup on you and put you in my high heels. And then it's time for this kinky club I was mentioning. We are going to pretend to be a lesbian couple who wants to try sucking a dick for the first time but you are going to be the brave one.
- Alura Jenson

Think you have what it takes to be a woman?

Alexis grace Anal Sissy Training Bedroom Porn Video Brunette Tube Instruction POV Strap On

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Are you ready to embrace your sissy nature and devote yourself to the cause of femininity? Alexis Grace is here to help you transition.
Hey there my little slave. I'm going to be giving you some instructions on how to be a sissy today, so why don't you take a seat and listen to what I have to say? I know that you've been thinking about becoming a woman lately, so I think it's only fair for us to fully embrace that desire and try it out. You're about to become my sissy, so get ready!
The best thing about me helping you through this transition is the fact that I know what it takes to be a woman. I'll dress you up real pretty, get you the best makeup money can buy and finally, help you hunt for a guy that's going to fuck you like the hot slut you are. You'd absolutely love to get your ass pounded like a bitch, wouldn't you?
- Alexis Grace

Put these panties on you sissy bitch

Ashley Sinclair Bedroom Sissy Instruction Brunette Porn Video Lingerie Tube POV Training

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Ashley Sinclair doesn't seem to mind the fact that you like being made into a woman. Watch as she exploits you into her feminine ideals.
Hey there, you little cock slave. I'm going to be taking you on a journey of transition today. Yeah - I know that when you look at me, it isn't in an erotic way, it's in an envious way! You want nothing more than to be a woman. Well I'm here to help, so how about you try this bra on and see whether it looks good on you? I'm sure your sissy ass is going to be fabulous once I'm done with it.
Okay, now put on these panties to go with it - that's fantastic! You look so delicious and cute dressed up like that. I'm so impressed with your ability to be this feminine. I've seen other sissies before, but none are quite as good as you are. I have a good mind to go out with you tonight to try and land you some cock. Wanna get fucked like a girl too?
- Ashley Sinclair

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