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Leah Lush Sissy Instruction Bedroom Brunette Tube Porn Video POV Sissy Training

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Leah Lush knows just how turned on you get seeing her in lingerie. Only it's for all the wrong reasons, right? You want to be a sissy - admit it.
Look, I can tell by the look on your face that you want nothing more than for this body to be yours. You wish you had these tits, this ass and the ability to pull any dude right off the street and into your bedroom. Well, too bad that this isn't the case, but I'll be damned if I won't work on you like a little project. I want to see you blossom into a sexy woman by the end of the day.
Once I'm done getting you all dolled up and looking pristine, that ass is going to be so ready to get fucked after you suck some alpha dick. Little sissy girls like you need to learn how to give blowjobs: it's very important that pleasing your man is of top priority. Do not underestimate the power of a sissy that has a good set of lips. Trust me, before you know it, that feminine asshole of yours will be fucked good and proper.
- Leah Lush

Tonight you get to be one of the girls

Leah Lush Sissy Instruction Video Bedroom Brunette Porn Sissy Training Tube

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Your mistress Leah has prepared a very special treat: she's going to allow you to become a sissy. Haven't you always wanted to embrace your feminine ways?
Do you remember how I told you that it's your friend's birthday party today? Well I'm finally going to let you come out with me and all of my hot girlfriends. Although if I'm perfectly honest with you, it's not going to be as a male slave. Oh no, you're coming out as one of the ladies! That's right, sissy you is going to be put on display alongside the women I love most.
You better not screw this up, because there are plenty of big dick dudes out there that are going to see your ass and want a slice of it immediately. How about we get you dressed up first with this pink bra and panty combo as well as a nice pair of high heels that are going to look incredible wrapped around your sissy butt?
- Leah Lush

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Your sissy transformation is coming along well. You are just so cute! Before you know it, that ass of yours is going to be out on the streets and looking for some hot cock to fuck

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You're such a fucking pitiful loser. It should be so obvious that a woman as good as this can do a hell of a lot better than a pathetic maggot like you. You are only useful as my slave!

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You're my bisexual slave, and so long as you're still doing exactly what I tell you, I'm more than happy for that ass of yours to be fucked nice and hard. I bet that feels absolutely incredible.

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You know what I should do? I should just lock you up in the biggest strongest chastity device I can find and throw away the key. Permanent chastity forever... How does that sound?

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We are going to put your loyalty to your mistresses to the test. You see these two big strapon dildos? We are going to double team your ass and mouth for hours on end!

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Give yourself a gentle tug to begin with. When you're done with blowing your load, you're going to take that condom and eat all of the jizz out of it like a good little cum eater.

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I'm going to have a big cock come over here and fuck me. You'll sit in the corner like a little naughty cuckold and watch it happen too. I will let you clean up afterwards if you are lucky!

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Look, I don't care what excuse you come up with - you've been chatting up men on the Internet and I love the fact that you're hungry for cock, I just wish you told me sooner.