I want to hear you beg for cock like a sissy

Sinstress Sissy Instruction Tube Smoking Video POV Porn

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Sinstress is back to smoking and treating you like the little female slut you are. Can you handle the verbal abuse another time from this sensational mistress?
It almost seems as if I've produced the perfect slut. The way you beg for cock on a daily basis just amazes me. I sit here and look at you - the pathetic boy before me - and realize that you would be so much happier if you actually lived your life as a woman. There's simply no question that when push comes to shove, you're about as feminine as feminine gets.
So, why don't we get you ready for the next stage of your feminization? You love dick, you love being a lady: combine the two and your ass is bound to come into play. Let's find you a big strong man that can treat you like the woman you clearly are. That sissy asshole will be filled with cock in no time at all. I'll make sure of that!
- Sinstress

I’m going to dress you up like the bitch you are

Sinstress Sissy Instruction Smoking Redhead Porn Video Tube Sissy Training

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Sinstress has something special for you today. She's going to dress you up like a little whore and cover your face in makeup like the feminine bitch you are.
Let's be honest for a second: you love the idea of a big strong man taking you by force and having his way with your feminine ass. Do you see the way I put makeup on myself? Well that's what I'm going to do to your stupid face you feminine slut. Mark my words, once I'm through with you, you're going to be the most girly bitch around.
I can't stand little boys that pretend they're men. Be honest with yourself for a second: your place in the world is on all fours with a dude's cock deep in your asshole. That sissy you is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should embrace the pure pleasure that runs throughout your body as you imagine being destroyed by a hung stud that wants your tight asshole to be pumped full of his cum.
- Sinstress

I need your complete submission

Sinstress Sissy Instruction smoking Porn Video Tube Bedroom Redhead Sissy Training

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Sinstress is about as aggressive as they come when sissification is concerned. She's going to smoke and tell you all about your preparation for big thick dick.
You know that it's time for you to serve me, correct? Well, I just love the way that you go through my closet and look at all my clothes, because I know that deep down inside, you want nothing more than to try them on and see how you do as a sissy. Luckily for you, I'm down for that and more than happy to make you into my personal bitch boy.
I must warn you now, your ass is my mine, and if I want a hung stud to come in at any moment and fuck you in the ass, that's exactly what's going to happen. I want nothing more than complete submission from you. You need to know that I'm in control whether you're a little boy or a hot babe. I prefer you as the latter actually - at least that way you have some use. Stupid sissy.
- Sinstress

I’m going to make you my sissy bitch

Sinstress Sissy instruction POV Porn Tube Video Bedroom Sissy Training

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Sinstress knows what's what when it comes to making your punk ass into a sissy bitch. She's more than ready to dress you up and get that ass fucked by an alpha stud.
Hey there, little sissy. How about we spend today making sure that you're ready to go out tonight? I want to ensure that your asshole is shaved, your booty is shaped and those lips of yours are ready to suck the dick of a man that knows how to treat a sissy bitch like you. There's nothing wrong with your feminine desires, actually - forget that - everything's wrong with them.
You know as well as I do that a mouth like yours should not go to waste. Stop pretending that you're not a sissy bitch and put those panties on. That's it! Make sure your pathetic genitalia is tucked in nice and good. We're going to convince the whole world that your little pussy is ripe for the taking. I love making you into a feminine slut. You look so pretty with makeup on.

I’m going to dress you like a little slut

Sinstress Sissy Instruction POV Porn Video Tube Sissy Training

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Her name is Sinstress and she's going to turn you into a little pathetic girl. Nothing satisfies this mistress quite like her slaves being turned into women.
I'm going to dress you up like a little slut and cover you in makeup. I've got lipstick, eye shadow, blusher and a whole assortment of other accessories that are going to turn you into the sexiest bitch around. Yeah, I know you're a dude, do you think that matters? I'm in control now, which means you do as I say. Even if that means becoming a silly little bitch.
Oh, you're so adorable when you're all dressed up. How do you feel about being a woman? It must be pretty natural to you, as you've always had a fantasy of getting pulled up by a big hung stud that would go to town on your ass. I think we should take you out so you can see the world. Plenty of big dicks are ready to violate your sissy asshole.
- Sinstress

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